Events that we choose to enter will be published on this page. As a Club, we are having taster days and training every Tuesday at 19.00 to 20.00 through the Year at the Seashell Trust (our Home Venue).

Supplementary training for designated age groups, Women Elite and the National Volleyball League Team(s) will be shared in the respective WhatsApp Groups at either CHS or ST.


Forthcoming fixtures:


ST – Seashell Trust (7pm on Tuesdays start); BP – Brinnington Park Leisure Complex; LLP – Life Leisure Priestnall; NVL – National Volleyball League; CHS – Cheadle Hulme School.


end May 2018 is official Season – end till September 2018.

Ad-hoc tournaments throughout summer and planned trip(s) for men, women and juniors to beach volleyball.

Informal outdoor volleyball, weather permitted, notifications and invites to be dispatched via respective WhatsApp groups.



9th            Volleyball JUNIOR Girls Combined u14s with Frodsham VC

14th          NVL Volleyball Trials 7pm (ST)


2nd           Volleyball (LLP) JUNIOR Girls u16s Touring Match USA

8th            Volleyball JUNIOR Boys u14s at Frodsham VC


4th            ADULTS Training (ST)

11th          JUNIORS Training (ST)

15th          NVL Cup Round 1

18th          ADULTS Training (ST)

22nd         NVL Match: Melton Lions (H)

25th          JUNIORS Training (ST)


2nd           ADULTS Training (ST)

6th            NVL Cup Round 2

9th            JUNIORS Training (ST)

13th          NVL Match: Norwich (H)

16th          ADULTS Training (ST)

28th          NVL Match: Manchester (A)

30th          JUNIORS Training (ST)


3rd            NVL Match: Doncaster (A)

6th            ADULTS Training (ST)

10th          S’PORT Men National Shield v Darkstar (A)

13th          JUNIORS Training (ST)

17th          S’PORT Women v Salford (BP)

17th          JUNIORS u14s Boys4 x 4 (Urmston)

18th          NVL Match: Derbyshire (A)

24th         NVL Match: Nottingham (H)


1st            S’PORT Women v Moss Side (BP)

2nd          NVL Match: Tamworth (A)

2nd          JUNIORS u15s Open 4s Championship

4th           ADULTS Training (ST)

8th           NVL Match: York (H)

11th         JUNIORS Training (ST)

15th         NVL Match: Nottingham Rockets (H)

16th         JUNIORS u14s Boys 4 x 4 (Frodsham)

18th         Christmas Play (Adults) (SST)



8th          ADULTS Training (ST)

11th         Manchester Bs v S’PORT Women (A)

12th         NVL Match: Melton (A)

15th         JUNIORS Training (ST)

15th         Salford v S’PORT Women (A)

19th         NVL Match: Manchester (H)

22nd       ADULTS Training (ST)

29th        JUNIORS Training (ST)


5th           ADULTS Training (ST)

9th           NVL Match: Norwich (A)

9th           S’PORT Women v Manchester Bs (BP)

12th         JUNIORS Training (ST)

16th         NVL Match: Doncaster (H)

17th         Moss Side v S’PORT Women (A)

23rd        NVL Match: Tamworth (H)

23rd        V’SPOCKS v S’PORT Women (A)

24th        Stockport NW (Juniors) u15s 4v4 (LLP)

19th         ADULTS Training (ST)


3rd          NVL Match: York (A)

5th           JUNIORS Training (ST)

12th         ADULTS Training (ST)

16th         NVL Match: Derbyshire (H)

19th         JUNIORS Training (ST)

23rd        NVL Match: Nottingham (A)

26th        ADULTS Training (ST)


13th        NVL Match: Nottingham Rockets (A)

20th        S’PORT Women v V’SPOCKS (BP)