Juniors Buzzing

Our Year7s (u12s) entered a Tournament organised by Coach Howard.   It was a fabulous spectacle, hosted admirably by Urmston Grammar with 56 children taking part.  Gratitude must also go to the School, St Francis Primary and Frodsham Volleyball Club.

Two Teams entered named: ‘Stockport Bees’ and ‘Stockport Wasps’. The S’PORT finished in 2nd and 3rd place in a 4 team tournament. Boys played well and one team just lost 23-21 in the Final. All other teams were one year older than our Boys, Year 8s, so a remarkable feat and once again encourages us to recognise the potential! Thank you to the Boys and Parents that gave up their time to come and support!

We Stand Together

#WeStandTogether is a hashtag synonymous with remembering the atrocities at the Manchester Arena. A community fund has been created to support local communities affected by the Manchester attack on 22nd May 2017. The Fund will assist local groups and organisations to host events and manage initiatives to counter hate and emerging unrest and should look to promote cohesion within communities.
The S’PORT (Stockport Volleyball Club) has embraced this Initiative and is delighted to announce through liaison with THE GREATER MANCHESTER HIGH SHERIFF’S POLICE TRUST, it has been granted funding to progress further more inter-faith and recruitment of ethnic minorities.
Volleyball is already an international game and we are proud of the mix of cultures among our members. This Grant will allow us to spread the word to introduce new people, both adults and juniors.
More details will be announced shortly. But people interested in knowing more and being registered for this initiative can email Neil or Adrian at info@stockportvolleyball.com.
Find out more about the High Sherriff’s Police Trust here: www.gmhspt.org #WeStandTogether

Howard’s Way

It was nice to return to community matters last night as we hosted our first adults training of the Season.  Welcome back Coach Howard Ainsworth.  A fun session with new tactics employed, some of which our Chairman struggled to get his head around!  Several new faces from Stockport and Romania (!).  Enjoyment had by all – come on down to our next ones – dates all below.

Howard has also kindly invited the S’PORT and its Year 6,7 and 8 Juniors to play in a three-club Tournament on Saturday 7th October 2017.  Parents have been asked to confirm availability via the WhatsApp Group so that our Chair, Coach Rafal and Coach Matt can make the appropriate preparations.  Alternatively, just drop us a line on info@stockportvolleyball.com

Magnificent 17

The ‘old-timers’ may recall the great western Movie called ‘The Magnificent Seven’.  The Film was recently remade and relaunched after its 1960 origin. A cowboy film at its best, the characters were seven gunslingers hired to protect a small village in Mexico from a group of marauding bandits and their leader.  Sounds just like the volleyball landscape (note from Ed. “Only joking!”).

Anyway as an anecdotal introduction, this preamble serves to introduce the 17 players (so far!) that have completed Registrations to represent, Stockport Volleyball Club, ‘the S’PORT’ in 2017-2018.  Some names to faces and we hope that our members and newcomers will give them a warm, Stockport welcome.


Our first National Volleyball League (NVL) Home fixture is at the Life Leisure Priestnall Centre starting at 1.30pm on 22nd October when we take on both Nottingham and York.

Main sponsor: ACROBAT | FCSM

First ever adults match

The S’PORT played its first ever adults volleyball match this Weekend.  What a place to start with an away fixture against Newcastle Staffs – a Club established in 1980 and one of the Country’s leading organisations.  Whats more, the Match was against a Division 1 side and Stockport Volleyball Club has started in Division 3 North.  So the background was set.

The Day didn’t start well with a Rail strike affecting transport and one player didn’t make it to the Venue.  Nevertheless, the players did the S’PORT proud.  The final result was a defeat but with Stockport showing real promise and winning 15, 21 and 22 points respectively in each game. Indeed, in the second Game, the S’PORT were winning 16-10 at one point!

We thank Newcastle Staffs for its hospitality and welcoming and wish them future success in the forthcoming rounds of this National Cup.

Equity Foundation to the rescue

Stockport Volleyball Club, the S’PORT, is absolutely delighted to be the recipient of a small grant award from the Equity Foundation.  This will go towards the brand-new line markings that will apply to the court in Priestnall, which will benefit adults, juniors, pupils and extra-curricular usage including coaching and holiday camps.  We are so very grateful for this recognition.  Thank you from all of us at the S’PORT.   The Foundation and Social Enterprise Manager commented: “I wanted to feed back that the panel were really positive about the application and your ambition for the club, and putting Stockport on the map!”

We do like to be beside the seaside!

What a wonderful experience – the S’PORT’s first ever beach volleyball competition.  The sun shone and our players Rafal and Pawel performed admirably and did our Club proud.  The Yorkshire Series in Bridlington was a huge success and we thank the Organizers and other participants for making us feel so welcome.  We’ll see some of you again in the National Volleyball League this Year.

More photographs and videos on: www.facebook.com/stockportvolleyball and www.flickr.com/photos/131770314@N05/albums/72157688279706545


Fixtures for remainder of 2017


ST – Seashell Trust (7pm on Tuesdays start); LLP – Life Leisure Priestnall; NVL – National Volleyball League


2             Beach Volleyball  (Yorkshire)

5             Volleyball  (ST) ADULT

12           Volleyball  (ST) JUNIOR

16           National Cup (Round 1) AWAY (Newcastle Staffs)

19           Volleyball  (ST) ADULT

26           Volleyball  (ST) JUNIOR

30          NVL Division 3 North AWAY (Newcastle Staffs)


3            Volleyball  (ST) ADULT

10          Volleyball  (ST) JUNIOR

17           Volleyball  (ST) ADULT

22          NVL Division 3 North (LLP) HOME

31           Volleyball  (ST) JUNIOR


5             NVL Division 3 North (LLP) HOME

7             Volleyball  (ST) ADULT

14           Volleyball  (ST) JUNIOR

21           Volleyball  (ST) ADULT

28          Volleyball  (ST) JUNIOR


3            NVL Division 3 North (LLP) HOME

5            Volleyball  (ST) ADULT

10          NVL Division 3 North AWAY – Doncaster

12          Volleyball  (ST) JUNIOR

19          Volleyball  (ST) ADULT & JUNIOR




25           NVL Division 3 North AWAY – Darlington


10           NVL Division 3 North AWAY – Manchester


8             NVL Division 3 North AWAY – Darlington

Discover Poland

It is our desire to take one or two teams of our junior players to play in a tournament in Poland in March 2018.  At this juncture, we will take on fundraising and sponsorship to try and pay for each participating child.  Adults that seek to accompany would self-fund.  There will be at least two DBS checked coaches from our Club accompanying the party,  both of whom have completed the prerequisite safeguarding training in the last 6 months.

Initial ‘expressions of interest’ have been sought via our Stockport Volleyball Club WhatsApp Group. Speak to Adrian or Rafal for more information.




Other provisional details:

Location: Gdansk, Poland

Tournament organiser www.uksjasieniak.org

Dates: 24 and 25 March 2018

Format: each team contains 3 competitors plus 1 reserves; sizes of the court: 4,5m x 7m. The height of volleyball net: girls and boys 210.

The first six teams, trophies for the best players, diplomas for all the competitors, souvenir shirts and awards for all the competitors.

Cost of participating in the tournament: 35 euro per Person (food – full board, accommodation for the nights, registration fee). This is based on accommodation within school.  Accompanying parents would pay same plus flights unless they sought upgrade on accommodation where we would be happy to advise.


National Pride

It has been with great pleasure that Stockport Volleyball Club (‘the S’PORT) has been accepted into the National Volleyball League (NVL).  From a standing start two years ago, we now compete against the elite in the National League Division 3 North.

The delay is posting is because the process of application has not been straightforward with some stakeholders , outwith the Club, attempting to undermine, our progressive young club.  To date the successes have been primarily at junior level, but now, ‘on the big stage’,  our adult players will simply give it their best shots.

The proposed venue for this completion will be Life Leisure Priestnall that is currently progressing plans so that equipment and line markings as per FIVB court design are incorporated.

With acceptance to NVL the S’PORT enters automatically the Cup – a competition which has proven to be very popular and gives clubs from non-NVL and lower-NVL divisions the opportunity to pit their wits against the Super 8 sides!

Finally, we also have applied to enter the Yorkshire Series ‘Beach Volleyball’ where Coach Rafal and Pawel will show the Stockport-skills on sand.

Anyone interested in playing at whatever level from beginner to elite,   please do check our website and contact info@stockportvolleyball.com in the first instance.  Yours in #volleyball.

Photo caption: Delighted by the appointment of two newcomers to #TheS’PORT Volleyball Committee. Matt and Rafal. Photograph Alongside Chairman, Adrian Stores and Treasurer, Neil Cartwright